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“Amazing album and superb collaboration by all of the band.” - Jeff Moses, WJMX-DB Boston Global Radio - Boston, MA  

“Superb sounding album." - Hober, 2SER 107.3 FM - Sydney, NSW, Australia 

“5 stars! Great!” - Sander Glasz aka DJ Sharkey, Radio station/ Mundial: Roots-N-Culture #Worldwide Radio / Netherlands 

“Superb collection of music, real delight to listen to.”  - Angel Mel, Soultrain Radio, AMMPromotions - Bristol, UK


"Solid. Reminds me of Jack DeJohnette's Parallel Realities with Metheny and Hancock.” - John Corcelli, CBC National Radio - Music Library / Toronto


“Superb!” - Ash Selector Sky TV 0129 / Dab London, Manchester, Brighton / Solar Radio Worldwide


“Very nicely played guitar coolness!" - DJ Phil D, The BocX - Jazz Radio - Townsend, MD, USA


“This is a sweet CD. Very contemporary in its approach to Jazz. Excellent!” - Terry Trouyet. WHFC 91.1 FM - Bel Air, Maryland, USA


“Tony has done it again! Outstanding CD!!” - Terry Trouyet WHFC 91.1 FM - Bel Air, Maryland, USA

“Funky bluesy and all other kinds of Jazz!!” - Bob Parzych, WRTC 89.3 FM- Hartford, CT

“Oh yeah! Love it! Brings me back before jazz was "smooth"” - Scott Fugate, Soul and Jazz Radio - Staffordshire, UK


“A new sound and a good combination of styles...Highly Recommended!!!” Carlos Fernandez Pacin, FM Urquiza 91.7MHZ - Argentina

“Cool and beautiful” - Mike Fulton RadioVideo - Belfast, Ireland

“Another Excellent, well put together album by Tony Koch and the AltNews Band!!!!!!!” - Jeff Daniels SwissGroove Radio - Altstaetten, Switzerland

“Serious stuff, love it" - Lewis Copeland Electric Lion Radio - UK


“Great stuff!” - Vasja Ivanovski, Radio 2 94.1 FM - Macedonia


“Ultra cool jazz album” - Ash Selector, Sky TV 0129 / Dab London, Manchester, Brighton / Solar Radio Worldwide


“Very good music !!!!” - Luca, The Network Radio - Licenza, Italy

“Love this album from the first listen, I can hear Pat Metheny and Russ Freeman influences alongside fantastic musicianship and a first class production. Great stuff.” - Paul Miller BBC Radio Solent - Isle of Wight , UK / Paul Miller Soul Show

“Amazing” - Pippo Germaine KC Radio Europa - Germany


“Great guitar jazz.” - Brian Vita, WMWM FM 91.7 - Salem MA, USA


“An excellent Canadian jazz product.” - Music Department, FM 103,3 FM - Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

“Quality set .......Very Cool outing !” - Joey Coyne BBC Radio Gloucestershire / Global Radio 1 / Energy FM - Cheltenham, UK


“Some joyous jazz fusion to be heard here.” - Dave-O CIUT 89.5 FM - Toronto, ON, Canada

“Great bop , well played” - Bob Osborne World of Jazz Podcast

"Great playing, nice vibes on the tunes which have fun & beautiful melodies.” - T-Bird Something Else! Radio - Barcelona, Spain


“The guitarist Tony Koch takes us back twenty years, but make no mistake, we are not in the repetition. Along with fellow bassist Miles Hill, drummer Bobby Ruggiero, saxophonist Campbell Ryga and Vancouver multi-instrumentalist Miles Black, we sail on the neo-bop, nu jazz, and latin music soundtrack. This mixture of personal speeches and references to the great old fusion merit our ears and distils a certain charm with these well- mixed synthesizers. Tony Koch would also mix poetry on a piece like Rise Up, which comes right after Down by the Bay that sets the scene. And what about the arrival of Who Wants Cool Aid ?, funky wish. These musicians have chosen a direction that we like. Continue in this way, we will accompany you with happiness.” - Bernard Labat, Côte Sud 90.3 FM - Paris, France


“Love 'em all! Play 'em all!!” - Peter Hesen, UbuntuFM - Africa / UbuntuFM Radio

“Nice Jazz album, quality” - Bill Griffin Soulpower Radio - London, UK

“Top selection of great Grooves !” - Joey Coyne BBC Radio Gloucestershire / Global Radio 1 / Energy FM - Cheltenham, UK


“The JDCD Likes Uberchill!!!!!!!!” - Jeff Daniels,SwissGroove Radio - Altstaetten, Switzerland

“The first thing you notice about Tony Koch and the AltNews latest album is the superb musicianship and production. The tunes are crisp and always compelling, My personal favourite is Forgotten, but The Oneness Of All and Where The Heart Lies are quite melodic also. The title track Groove Rangers gives a solid base for the other tunes to build around, Groove Rangers is a nice blend of fusion of funk, jazz, bop, swing and latin beats. There's something for everyone here." - John Holden, 2BACR 100.9 FM, Sydney, Australia


“Great vibe!” - Suzanne Mackinder, CFUZ FM Peach City Radio - BC Canada

"From TOP to BOTTOM this a keeper!" - David Watson


“UberCool” - Marek Faltus, Gdynia Radio - Tricity Poland / Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk

“Cool album” - Tjerk Coers Armada Music - Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Yeah We Dig!!!” - Daniel J HarrisThe Soupy Gato Show PodCast - Michigan, USA


"Awesome guitar work! - Jon B. Klotz, WUEV 91.5 FM - Evansville, IN, USA


“'Cool Aid' is in the deep freeze. Good drive time sounds.” - Dr Jazz, WHYR 96.9 FM Baton Rouge, LA


“Really great jazz” - Jenni T, Boogie Bunker Radio - North Lanc, UK

“NeoBop grOOvin' into the evening...and then right back at it in the morning!!!” - Mister G WSUM 91.7 FM - Madison, WI, USA / Green Arrow Radio

“Always world-class music” - Jeff Moses WJMX-DB Smooth Jazz Boston Global Radio - Boston, MA, USA

"The new recording project" Uberchill "by Tony Koch & The AllNews Band confirms the great professionalism of the guitarist who manages to convince not only for his technical performances, full of imaginative and energetic phrases, but also for happy compositional intuitions. A musical dynamic always stimulating and able to keep the listener always very attentive. A band made up of excellent elements completes the positivity of an exciting and lively project." - Bruno Pollacci, Animajazz / Punto Radio, 91.6 FM - Pisa, Italy

“Super.” - Locos Por El Jazz Radio Fantasia 89.5 FM - San Felipe De Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

“Smooth groove and great guitar!” - Eli Marcus, IDC Radio 106.2 FM - Tel Aviv, Israel


“Great guitar work” - Biff Piner, Pure, Bump, Stir, Woof (Philly) Traxx (Atlanta) - USA

“More Excellent Jazz” - Mike Fulton RadioVideo - Belfast, Ireland

“Some very funky, jazzy tunes here! Excellent playing and nice variety of sounds and styles!” - Dr. StrangeDub KFAI-FM 90.3 / 106.7 FM - St. Paul, Minneapolis

“Brilliant!!” - Esteban Novillo Cloud Jazz Podcast - Madrid, Spain


“Love it” - Martin Smith, Radio Seagull 1602 AM - Harlingen, UK

“Crazy interesting funky jazz music.” - Patrick Van Hauwaert Villa Bota Radio 106,4 FM - Brugge, Belgium / 107,9 FM - Torhout, Belgium

“Love the groove” - Carol Handley KNKX FM 88.5 - Tacoma, WA, USA


“Super” - Piotr Gackowski, Smoothjazz Poland

“Goovieness Delish...” - Spinifex, KSFR 101.1 FM - Santa Fe, NM US

“Wonderful sound” - Jenni T Boogie Bunker Radio - North Lanc, UK

“I really dig these tunes." - Jowanna Lewis, KSCR 1560 AM - CA, Los Angeles

“Great music and balance between band members.Tremendous." - Steve Hart Cool Nights syndicated radio show - Auckland, New Zealand / Cool Nights syndicated radio show 60 FM and Internet

“A very nice Jazz LP” - Master K RamJam Radio - London, UK


“Smart funky, exquisite jazz. Congrats” - Leo Ramirez, CITR 101.9 FM - Vancouver, BC, Canada


“Very well arranged. Loved listening." - David Watson, - Kansas City, USA

“LOVE IT ALL” - Bryant S LittleJohn, KISS108FM / JOY94.4FM / KIK94.5&88FM

















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